Karla Kelly

I developed this Technology of Movement over the last 11 years. It stems from my love of house music, of disco rhythms and dancing and a simultaneous but equal love and desire for inner peace through yoga practices and spiritual philosophies. I became a Buddhist in 2002 and am deeply committed to my practice and the sense of purpose and interconnectedness with all life that it gives me.  In all Oriental and Mystic Philosophies, the breath holds the secret to the highest bliss, to inner peace. For me House Music was my first experience of bliss, of belonging to something deeper and more spiritual. The belonging I’ve felt on a dance floor in the ‘House’ of house music are also the times I feel the most belonging to myself.

I’ve pursued spirituality in many forms, I’m a Buddhist and a Yogi and have had a lifetime of alternative medicine, therapy, healing and trainings in all kinds of bodymindmedicine but the best feelings are always with the best of house music and the magic of belonging to myself within the one House.

Breathing with the Beat came from my ache to connect my soul and spirit to the magic of the dance floor. I wanted my body to align with the beat, i wanted to ingest and absorb the frequencies of house into all parts of my house. I wanted to get deeper.

I’ve practiced with the beat for over 11 years, and am constantly and consistently upgrading and adding to this system that has downloaded itself through my house. I have trained and trained in many modalities taught workshops in Yoga Studios all over Ireland and shared it on festival stages to over 300 people (Body&Soul/ElectricPicnic) and I continue to develop the practice and myself as the instrument. Heart healing, body healing, mind integrating, spiritual quests, deep trauma therapy and healing, and many many many hours, nights, early mornings and days on dance floors.

It started with my breath. And the beat.

Some of my Trainings, Immersions, Academic Qualifications.

2019 – Senior YA Registered Teacher

The Pocket Project ( 2017- present

Subtle Body Immersion with Veronica Larsson 2017-8

500h YA Training with The Yoga Room 2012-15

200 YA Training with Green Lotus Yoga 2009-10

Sound Healing The College of Sound Healing UK 2007-8

MPhil Ethnic & Racial Studies TCD 1999

Sociology/Philosophy BA UCC 1998