Breathe with the Beat

Breathe with the Beat. The Essence

It started with the breath and the beat. Essentially the classes and courses I teach are based on the fundamental practice of breathing in sync with the beat of music & mostly for my classes, House Music.

I developed this Technology of Movement over the last 11 years. It stems from my love of house music, of disco rhythms and dancing and a simultaneous but equal love and desire for inner peace through yoga practices and philosophies. In all Oriental and Mystic Philosophies, the breath holds the secret to the highest bliss, to inner peace. For me House Music was my first experience of bliss, of belonging to something deeper and more spiritual.

For a lot of my life I have had a busy mind and an anxious heart, and stressed out body. Through this breath vibration and movement synchronization, I create balance in my muscles, contracting and lengthening them in precisely balanced movements, and this also generates emotional regulation. There is a deep sense of calm in my mind knowing that all of my movements are exactly balanced and my inhales and exhales are even. In the chaos comes order.

We take information in mostly through the senses and our nervous system is deeply connected to the environment it is in so synchronicity within our own ‘house’ is directly connected to the ‘House’ or environment we’re in. This is the essence of somatics.

The experience of Breathing with the Beat for 30 minutes, or an hour, creates a kundalini like experence as we are using strong conscious breathwork as we move into each part of the body. What we are doing is ‘organizing’ our attention into a conscious balanced feeling, sensing and mindfully intending connection into the body. Our ‘attention’ is our most valuable asset. At this time in the evolution of humanity, we need tools to remind us to ‘collect’ our attention back into our own House. I believe this technology of movement is a wonderful bridge to a deeper sense of unity with ourselves and others, in a way that is really great fun. This practice creates so much joy.