The House of Yoga

The House of Yoga

I developed this Technology of Movement over the last 11 years. It stems from my love of house music, of disco rhythms and dancing and a simultaneous but equal love and desire for inner peace through yoga practices and philosophies. In all Oriental and Mystic Philosophies, the breath holds the secret to the highest bliss, to inner peace. For me House Music was my first experience of bliss, of belonging to something deeper and more spiritual.

It evolved when I began to practice yoga with a house music soundtrack and my breath began to sync with the beat..This experience awakened my sense of myself and the world in a whole new way…

When I started to breathe with the beat more regularly during my practice I had an insight one evening, a vision ‘downloaded’ itself through me I would say now. I saw lots of people breathing exactly in rhythm with the beat. It was this insight which inspired me to continue to practice and develop this ‘technology of movement’. 

The idea is this. If I balance my breath and movements evenly through my practice, my mindbodyheartspirit ‘house’ or container of my experience and consciousness in the practice is directed to feel more and more at ‘home’ and in a balanced connection with itself. If many people are practising like this together at the same time then we come into that sense of ‘home’ in our individual ‘houses’ together as we flow together in the one House or place and in connection with HOUSE music

So, the ‘house’ of House of Yoga refers to two things. One, the individual ‘house’ which is the essence of Yoga, it is a journey to the inner realms and deeper architecture of the self. Two, the collective House which refers to the ‘oneness’ of all things and the interrelation and belonging of being all together in one ‘house’ which is the essence of House Music (everyone together in the house of the house!)..

The practice of breathing with the beat both connects with the self deeper AS I connect with others around me in the ‘house’. What I mean by that is that as I synch my breath and movements with the beat I can connect deeply with my own inner balance and inherent rhythm AS others do the same (If we’re practicing the same class – the same movements, the same pace of breath the same beat..)

The House of Yoga then is an experience of being in tune with your house and with the House’s of those around you (or with the environment around you if you’re alone) SIMULTANEOUSLY!

As I connect to my ‘house’ and you connect to your ‘house’ through the balanced even beats and breaths and movements, we’re syncing together becoming one HOUSE!

The essence of this experience is breathing with the beat..