‘You are a Living Biocomputer’

2019 Course coming Soon!

Energy ‘Wifi’ Immersion & Attunement – 7 weeks/49 days
Wednesdays November 6th – Wednesday December 19th 2018
7-10pm @ House of Yoga Waterford.

I’m really happy to be finally announcing my new course/  starting soon! It starts in November for 7 weeks/49 days and finishes the week before Christmas.

I have been offering a class on Tuesday Morning 11:30am  and evenings at 7pm and an advanced class on Wednesdays at 8pm where you get to move and feel the physical body through breath (consciousness awareness) and also are encouraged to maintain awareness of the particular energy centre, function and consciousness of that centre. Moving our bodies and breaths in rhythm with the beat means that we can ground our attention in the present moment and focus our minds, hearts and muscles in an organised balanced by refining our attention in the moment to moment movement of our bodies with a balanced rhythm. The simple, repetitive but deeply mindful  movements of body, breath and beat evokes a feeling of deep order in our system.  I created the chakra wifi logo last year and since then I have been really exploring this biocomputer concept especially through the breathe with the beat way of moving energy rhythmically, or ‘technology’ of movement as I call it.

I’m ready to go on a deeper and more meaningful journey and so I’m launching this 7 week course (3 hours class time/week plus some work between each Wednesday night of the course.   Each week we will tune into with the consciousness of each energy centre through dynamic yoga, a lot of breath work, meditation, discussion and written work.

About the Course
7 week Immersion @ House of Yoga Waterford, 21, Johnstown Business Park, Johnstown.

Wednesdays 7-10pm from Wednesday 7th November. Finishes Wednesday 19th December

How Much? – The course is incredible value at 149 euro for this first run of 7 weeks.


The energy centres of the body, the chakras have been my inspiration and a resource for understanding consciousness, since 1998 and have inspired my work and life (House of Yoga Waterford Studio is a depiction of the body in a house as the chakra energies and colours move through the part of the body associated with each centre)

Most recently my training with International teacher of meditation and consciousness,  Thomas Hubl and the Pocket Pocket has added an additional depth to my understanding of the individual and the collective.
I have also spent many years studying with Veronica Larsson (who I believe to be one of the most gifted teachers of energy of our time) and who has run many courses and trainings on the consciousness of these energy centres in Waterford in the House of Yoga Studio.

Thomas’s view of meditation and consciousness hugely aligned with what my own work had been calling me to reveal. The ‘house’ of House of Yoga Waterford had for me evolved into a wifi symbol of the chakra energies. As a Buddhist (I have practiced for 16 years) one of the core principles or philosophies is that we are all one, as is with yoga, we are all one.

Thomas has a beautiful way of putting this into modern day language. We are not individual laptops, but actually one big supercomputer! He uses language of uploading and downloading information and processing and programming our lives and minds which hugely supported my creation of biobodycomputer map.

So, I have ‘upgraded’ and refined my awareness of the chakra centres in relation to the body as a biocomputer. In this hugely technological age where our phones are mini computers we are hugely attached to- and in not always a healthy way – by mapping the energy of the charka centres onto the body as biocomputer in this way,

For example..

Central ‘Cable’ of Consciousness – runs through the centre of the body. Includes brain stem, spine, to tail. The receiver and perceiver of energy and information from brain to body and vice versa. Each centre has core ‘programming’ which we can explore, tune into, identify and ‘upgrade’ by assimilating, and/or ‘deleting’ as necessary by understanding the programming, processing and how much it affects our ego ‘hardware and behaviour!

The Programme for the Course is

Red – Base – Grounding – Earth- Plug in/Unplug – (Week 1 – 6th November)

Orange – Sacral – Feeling -Water – Turn On/Turn off (Week 2 – 13th November)

Yellow – Solar Plexus- Being/Ego -Fire – Hardware (Week 3 20th November)

Green – Heart – Love – Air – Software (Week 4 27th November)

Blue – Throat – Communication – Sound- Programming (Week 5 4th December)

Purple – Third Eye -Thinking/Inutition –  Light – Processing (Week 6 11th December)

White/Violet – Crown – Higher consciousness connection – Thought – Internet Connection (Week 7 – 19th December)

This course will be both practical and intuitive. What I offer you each week will be a set of practices and tools to access the different areas of the bodymindheartconsciousnes.  We choose to work with some or all of these practices and meditations for a week on our own before we move to the next centre together. For those participating on the full course, there will be weekly check ins and tasks.

Each 3:15 hour session will include at least 90 minutes movement/asana, if not more. Meditations, practical exercises and time for conversation and contemplation.
I’m offering this as  ‘experience’ of this rainbow consciousness system based on my years of learning and experience and teachings. We are all programmed and hardwired in a multiple of different ways and our inner body wisdom is so vast and so full of potential and rhythms that only we can discover if we take the time to connect, listen and go deeper within.

A key part of the course is the connection with the group/correlation with the outer ‘space’ that our bodies/ biocomputers need to regulate with to stay safe and grounded in the world. With any new awareness, a key part of its assimilation into our life is how we relate from this new place to others in our life and how we can establish practices and improve relationships in our life so that our environment supports these changes in us too.

If you decide to sign up for this, I will be sending you some tools and resources in the form of written information and audio files to help you ‘tune in’  coming up to the first week of the course on November 6th.
Book here https://paypal.me/breathewiththebeat