Vision Board Workshop 2020

Saturday 1st February 2020

12 -6pm (light vegetarian lunch included

Developed over 12 years of running these Vision Board Workshops, I’ve integrated practices for 





The day includes Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Visualisation and the creation of your own unique Vision 2020 Board. 

12 – 12:30 Arrival, tea meditation, opening circle. 

12:30 – 1:30m – BODY – Yoga practice with Beats to discharge 2019 

1:30-2pm – MIND – Meditation & Visualisation to upload our 2020 Vision!

2- 2:45pm Lunch (provided)

2:45 – 5pm HEART- Cutting and Creating your Vision board for 2020 

5 – 6pm SPIRIT Restorative Yoga to Ground and Settle our Vision

It’s so important to take conscious time and space to reflect, collect and ‘correct’ all aspects of our house so that we can remain anchored to our own personal wifi connection this year. 2020 is set to be one of huge change collectively and individually as the realisation that our habits, thoughts and behaviours are tied up with the fate of our earthly home and our circles of connection and community. What we put our energy into, grows. The laws of nature and physics and even consciousness now all reflect the simple principle that we’re creating our own reality moment by moment. I am the creator, and this is my house!

Through the physical practice of breathing with beats through all parts of our ‘house’, we make space to invite a new vision into our hearts and minds. Through yoga nidra and guided meditation we spend time feeling and seeing the love in the present. Having gratitude for all we have and all that we are opens our hearts and with open hearts we can vision clearly the future we most desire. The afternoon is the creative bit, with lots of cutting and glue’ing and printing and creating our Vision Board. 

‘Renew yourself each day, and do so day after day. Let there be daily renewal’ Confucius. This quote is wonderful, reminding us that we need to always be aware that we’re creating the life we want to attract moment by moment. The art of letting the past go and creating a happy life in the present and future is in recognising and embracing the fact that life is a river flowing through us and around us all the time.  

The Vision Board process steers our life force into a clear felt sense of what it feels like to have created the dream, already! Feeling the future is what creates it, what brings us towards it more than just intellectual decision making and behaviour changes. Our hearts longing is what eventually wins, the life we have created currently is a reflection of what we’ve aligned with. We must make sure we’re inspired to create, to move forward, to keep making efforts. 

The practices I’ve created for this day have been developed over many years of personal practice, personal ‘visioning’ and 12 years of running Vision Board Workshops .  

This day is an offering to our vision for a brighter future by laying down foundations in the present through practices which engage body heart mind and spirit into an intentional force for change in our own lives. 

I’ve run Vision Board Workshops for 11 years and have ‘upgraded’ the offering each year. The Vision Board process allows for an appreciation for all we’ve already created, as a foundation from which to build our future. 

The future is created through the causes we make in the present, so join me and take this day to delete old programmes, reset your factory settings and upload some fresh new software for 2020.

A Day to get your House in order, on all levels 🙂


75 euro or 65 early bird prepaid (before 26/1/20) All materials supplied. 

As part of this workshop for the early birds there will be a free online call on January 28st at 9pm to introduce the workshop and begin to make space inside and to sync ourselves with our intentions through a meditation and visualisation. I’m excited to be working in this new way as I’ve participated in lots of training ‘online’ which has helped me appreciate the power of coming together in our virtual world in a more conscious way. (you don’t have to be coming to the workshop to participate in this session – just email me to join –