Breathe with the Beat into 2020

NYE 2019 @ The Collective Waterford!

Karla The House of Yoga is back into her former home!

11-1pm Tuesday 31st December

90 minutes of resonant rotation of sonic vibrations and sensations into your body container to release with gratitude and appreciation the obsolete energies of 2019.

We breathe with balance, inhaling the new year, exhaling the old to invite the past living still in the present to release its wisdom and mental emotional frequencies into harmony with the energies and visions of 2020.

A new world is being created right now with our actions and intentions of our bodymindheart system, your particular vibration station of the universe!

Our bodies are instruments of consciousness and attuning our frequencies to moments of harmony and happiness.

This practice is a ‘tune up’ and tune in of our inner wifi to its core harmonics.

The practice is mainly on the feet allowing all levels and abilities to get involved!

The last half an hour will be for a short meditation and some intention setting for 2020!

We are the creators and this is our House!

20 euro online booking/25 on the day!

Here’s the paypal link for prebooking

email for info!

Karla x