Breathe out the Blues with the Beat ! featuring DJ Ciara Brady

The 3rd Monday of January (20th Jan 2020) is statistically the ‘most depressing’ day of the year so I wanted to offer an antidote to that with this 1 hour class at the Collective Waterford.

Its bring a friend for free ! 12 euro for the class (drop in only) or use your class pass. 

This is a total beginners level class so all ages and abilities welcome. I have been developing and teaching this class at festivals including Electric Picnic for the past 10 years. 

Here’s something about the class! 

A mindful movement yoga class connecting the breath to the rhythm of a beat from The House of Yoga. 

Developed for over 10 years, Breathe with the Beat is both a breathing technique and the name of a set of movements co-ordinating breath rhythms, body movements and the 4/4 beat of music.

The movements are physically very simple, meaning anyone can practice them. The magic, and depth of the practice is in the breath work – we are breathing consciously into each part of the body as we move it in rhythm with the beat. So we become more and more ‘present’ with ourselves and our bodies, and experience of the group or ‘House’.   Practising in unity in community in a group means that we co-create an experience of balancing our own rhythms with the beat, while those around us do the same. I call this experience House of Yoga.

The ‘out’ breath, very simply is the ‘letting go’ breath. When energy/tension releases from the body it does so when we breathe OUT so we’ll do a little bit of tuning into the out breath to make sure that we work to let go the worries and troubles that hang over us and in us at this time of year. When we let stuff GO we have more SPACE for joy.. And for sharing our hearts with others. 

Let’s lift each other up with breaths and beats and good feelings into 2020! 

Ciara Brady is a DJ of funk and disco and house and has DJ’d at Electric Picnic (Casa Bacardi), Body & Soul, Longitude, Independence and Life Festival. She had a fantastic radio show on Dublin based radio ? and her mixes can be found here!