Delighted to be coming to the far side of the Deise to offer this all on your feet Breaths and Beats Class
– A Whole Body Treat in West Waterford!
Its a class that starts super slow and meditative but ends on the feet, so you can tune into your day in a fun and funky way with the rhythms and prana energy generated through over 1 hour of balanced breath work and body attunement..

12 euro booking with Dungarvan Yoga

Here’s a little bit about the class..
Breathe with the Beat

A mindful movement yoga class connecting the breath to the rhythm of a beat from The House of Yoga. Its also an introduction to the 8 week course Yogasonics.
Developed for over 10 years, Breathe with the Beat is both a breathing technique and the name of a set of movements co-ordinating breath rhythms, body movements and the 4/4 beat of music.
This particular class is a 60 minute flow and includes strong yet simple Vinyasa Practices to move energy and ground the mind and heart into the moment.
The movements are physically very simple, meaning anyone can practice them. The magic, and depth of the practice is in the breath work – we are breathing consciously into each part of the body as we move it in rhythm with the beat. So we become more and more ‘present’ with ourselves and our bodies, and experience of the group or ‘House’. Practising in unity in community in a group means that we co-create an experience of balancing our own rhythms with the beat, while those around us do the same. I call this experience House of Yoga.

A new study in the Journal of Neurophisology reveals that paced breathing uses neural networks beyond the brain stem that are tied to emotion, attention, and body awareness. By tapping into these networks using the breath, we gain access to a powerful tool for regulating our responses to stress.

I, Karla Kelly MPhil 500RYT am Senior Yoga Teacher, and have dedicated the last 10 years of yoga teaching and practice to developing this unique ’technology’ of movement. I bring it to big tents and main stages at festivals (Electric Picnic, Glastonbury, Body&Soul) as well as to small classes in Yoga Studios. My work is informed and developed through years of trainings and personal development work as well as a 17 year Buddhist practice. More info on my trainings and therapies here on my website

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