Hello 2020!

I spent the first day of this year as usual with my Buddhist crew, offering gratitude for the year (&decade) past and laying down heartfelt, determined intentions for the year ahead..

Yesterday I received some wonderful bodywork which aided in creating a felt sense of these intentions , and so today I’m really feeling a fresh, new attitude for the coming year. It usually takes me a few days to really feel the new year once it’s here, and so from that place its so much easier to communicate my intentions and wishes for the new year.. I wanted to share a little review of the decade in relation to my Vision for 2020..

At the same time its important to remember it’s still a slow time of year, and tuning into my vision is much more about learning to be fully present in the moment than trying hard to ‘get there’ (wherever there is…??) so that I can connect with my inner wifi (which is currently uploading and upgrading into 2020!)and so not fully anchored into my vision for 2020, just yet!

The pictures attached are of part of 2019 Vision Board which is made of mostly new and some old images from my Boards since 2007.

Over the years I’ve created so many different kinds of boards…; in the Chakra colours, in the shape of a house, a window, an altar, a circle..

Every year they evolve, I evolve In the planning, preparing and the making of them and I learn the most particularly teaching my Vision Board Workshops each January.

I’ve evolved and refined the process and the process and practice of ‘visioning’ into this three part Board representing

Past, present and future..

‘Present effects are due to karmic causes from the past. However, future effects arise from the causes we make in the present. It is always the present that counts. It is what we do in the present moment that decides our future; our past causes do not govern our future as well.

Buddhism emphasizes that no matter what kind of karmic causes we have made in the past, through the causes we make in the present we can achieve a brilliant future.’ Daisaku Ikeda

We stand always in the present moment with past behind us and future before us.. If I do not release negativity from the past it continues to live in the present and therefore influences the future..I’ve spent most of the last decade healing and training and practising to flow in rhythm with life, with my true essence and becoming ‘attuned’ to how I ‘show up’ in life. So much of my journey this past decade has been in clearing the past so that I can live more fully in the present and therefore, create a more embodied, conscious future. I had a lot of healing and learning to do and the biggest part of it has been understanding the positive lessons from the very challenging situations. A wise woman once said to me that we cannot truly change something challenging in our lives until we become grateful for it. Gratitude is the first point to change any difficult situation because it forces us to look at the parts of us that have attracted it and so we get the opportunity to change deep rooted causes in our lives..

With the vision boards, I’ve had a theme for each part, in relation to  how I feel I need to understand the past present and future in my life.

Gratefully honouring the past is all about practicing gratitude for that which is gone even though there might still be an emotional charge in the present in relation to some of my past experiences. By deepening my sense of gratitude for what is gone I can always see the lesson to be learned. In Buddhism we call it changing karma into mission. By healing something I can then become someone who supports someone else to heal that thing because I’ve been there and come out the other side..

Grounding Love in the Present is all about the here and now, and cultivating love and a positive attitude and feeling for what is right now. My body as it is, my friends, home family work etc, just as it is. If I can ground love in the present I can feel an expanded heart and this is what I ‘Vision’ a future from. So often we’re moving too fast, rushing into the future and we miss the fullness of each moment, or we rush into the future to avoid the feelings which are present here and now. Being with ourselves fully is not always easy!  Developing compassion and presence for our anxiety or fear or anger or the parts of us that feel small is grounding a loving presence in the present. The desires and longings of our heart governs our life much more than our brain so working on our ‘emotional intelligence’ is more essential than our cognitive intelligence..


Seeing and feeling a hopeful future is the third part , and it’s all about using the feeling of love and gratitude to expand my hearts vision and from that expanded heart I can ‘see’ and vision a hopeful future.. And because attracting what I want is all about vibrating to that frequency this is a wonderful practice for visioning. I have been ‘feeling into 2020’ by imagining myself in the ‘feeling’ of what I want to attract and just really enjoying feeling the feelings!!

From this perspective, developing our ‘inner wifi’ is the most significant part of creating the outer ‘Vision’ of the life we dream of.

I’ve realized that I’m always standing at this centre point between the past and the future and so I want my attitude to life to really be alive with this feeling of gratefully honouring the past, grounding love in the present and seeing and feeling a hopeful future!

Wishing this for all of you who read this !

 If you want to ‘tune in’ a little more to your inner wifi this weekend, join me at one of these workshops

Love Karla x