Hi there! 

Karla here, creator of this work, practice, concept and method of merging yoga with musical rhythms. 

I’ve decided to change the name of this ‘house’ to Breathe with the Beat ! 

..as its the essence of what this work is all about for me. Those who follow my work know I’ve been doing this in a small way for over a year, having changed the name of my website and also festival work to Breathe with the beat..

About 12 years ago during my yoga training one night after a long night dancing to house music, and being the super disciplined person I was then about my spiritual practices, I got on the mat about 2am. Still buzzing from the music, I soundtracked my practice to a great house music mix and after a few sun salutes, my breath started to sync with the rhythm of the beat. I had a huge lightbulb moment, high on pranayama and house music, and an image of many people syncing their breath to the beat and movement in union flashed into my mind. This moment inspired me to create this ‘House’. I called it House of Yoga  because of my love for House music and because in a sense with yoga our bodymindheartspirit is our ‘house’. As we sync with our own ‘house’ to house music through breathing with the beat we become one ‘House’!

Over the years since then and most recently especially I’ve developed the practice and refined the essence of it more and more and this is why I want to rename it Breathe with the Beat. The music I use now is not just house, its any music with a 4/4 beat, and the movements in the group practices are not always ‘yoga’ asanas. I often teach without mats, on the feet and the practice doesn’t feel like ‘yoga’ in a traditional sense. In fact one of the reasons I want to change the name of the practice is because ‘Yoga’ means so many things these days and I find that the word yoga covers all kinds of practices and teachings which are less relevant to my work. Taking the word yoga out of the official name allows me to open up to a wider audience and integrate practices which are not just ’Yoga’ (whatever that is! – for a wonderful lecture on what yoga means these days check this video out from Donna Fahri here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMtteRF_GBs )

The essence of what I teach is all about the breath and the beat and I feel that changing the name to Breathe with the Beat will allow the practice to find its true expression in the multitude of Yoga, Movement and Mindfulness practices. I will still use the name ‘House of Yoga’ as a kind of umbrella concept for this work, as I feel that coming ‘home’ to yourself in your own ‘house’ through the practice, or feeling at ‘home’ in a group of people practising together is also the ‘house of yoga’ essence. It allows me also to incorporate my programme ‘Yogasonics’ under the yoga umbrella.

Attuning our ‘instrument’ individually and collectively in the ‘orchestra’ of community has become the vision for this work and as part of this I want to widen the parameters of the work under the Breathe with the Beat name so that I can include a wider variety of music and movement practices.

Thanks for your support over the years, all this work is revealed and evolved through classes and courses with open willing participants who’ve inspired me to continue to create and evolve Breathe with the Beat.

I’ll be adjusting the look and feel of my online presence to reflect this more and more over the coming weeks.

any questions comments or queries contact me breathewiththebeat@gmail.com 

Karla 13/2/2020