Salute the Beat Classes/ 4 week Course in Waterford Hatha Yoga Shala

I’m delighted to be offering this 4 week course which will focus on developing your Sun Salute practice..!

We’ll flow through the traditional Salutes and during the 4 weeks break down each pose in terms of its alignment and anatomy. 

And mainly this is a class which guides and attunes the rhythm of the breath with the asanas of 

I’ve been breathing with the beat in my yoga practice and teaching for over 10 years. Sun Salutations with the Beat is how I begin my day and I’ve been amazed at how it syncs so well with music and rhythm and particularly how it attunes my mind and mental world into my body and heart. I often wake up ungrounded and anxious and this practice is so helpful in getting me down deep into the moment. Sun Salutations are wonderful for opening up every part of the body and focusing and stretching our minds and hearts into the body and breath. 

I work mainly with the traditional Sun Salute which includes lunges on each side and is gentle on the shoulders.

Beginning with lengthening the breath to the 8 count, long and slow, enabling us to sync into the body more mindfully and slowly, as we regulate the movements with the rhythm and the breath.

After practising half sun salutes and a few arm raises we move from sun salutes to the count of 4 and the count of 2..

I have integrated some holds and strengthening asana to balance and ground our minds and intentions. 

I’ve developed the 4 week course around the 4 elements so that we can align a different focus of our physical energy body into each part

  • Earth (bones, muscles)
  • Water (Fluids in the body, blood etc)
  • Fire (generating energy)
  • Air (breath/spirit) 

The four elements are also the energies of the first four chakras which are the foundation of our physical body in the world. Chakra energies can seem intangible to many but these elements are all connected to our chakra energies as well as our physical bodies so will help giving us a sense of them in the real world. 

50euro for the 4 week course & 15 drop in pending space!

Prebook your space on PayPal here..