Thursday Morning 10 am – 11:15am at the Collective Waterford

Yoga for Breath and Stability

This all levels class is founded on two main principles 

  1. Establishing the breath and breath rhythms in the body
  2. Establishing stability through correct alignment in the legs and lower body.

I’ve been teaching for over 10 years now and have through much training and trial and error and teaching and working with injuries in my own body, realised that the fundamentals listed above are the key aspects of a yoga practice. We need to learn to breathe in every pose for it to ‘work’ optimally, and we need to learn to stabilise the weight of our bodies through our legs and core for the spine to be healthy and the brain and heart to align and settle.

I use music to help regulate the breath and lots of leg work to establish strength in the legs and core.

75 minutes class. 12 euro drop in or use your class pass!