I’ve been telling some friends recently how this January so far has been the least stressful, the most relaxed and peaceful January in many many years for me. When I was running a Yoga Studio, I needed to be motivated and focused for the ‘New Year New You’ January surge in business. 

Getting organised for early January was a big part of my New Years ‘intentions’ all those years. And much of my attention during Christmas and New Year was in preparing, even just mentally for this January surge because this running a business! 

Over the years as I became more attuned to what my body and heart and mind needed in the depth of winter (we’re still deep in winter..) through my own practice and therapies and training and deepening connection with my bodies rhythms, I realised that that New Year, New Me surge happened much more naturally as spring arrived. Its only towards the end of January as spring arrives that the new year feeling really emerges in my body, mind and heart. 

So this year it has been lovely to creep slowly into the year and allow myself the deep rest that I need in early January. I’ve been sleeping 10 hours most nights and really enjoying the ‘dreamtime’ that we’re still in (according to the Celtic Wheel and rhythms of the earth and nature) by journalling and planning and visioning and sowing seeds of intentions in my mind first, before I plant them out in the world..

So if you’ve not quite got yourself into your groove this year yet, you’re totally in tune with nature! Nourishing warm soups and restorative practices and yin time is really what we need the most, especially if you’re tired. And if you’re back to work full time, with kids back to school, then you’re almost definitely tired! We’re still in winter so do give yourself permission to attune to the needs of the body to rest rest and restore if the tiredness is present. It will be much easier and have move flow to plan your projects and detoxes and fitness programmes towards the end of this month, when spring returns. There is such a simplicity and harmony in attuning our rhythms to the rhythms of nature. 

Check out recent posts and events and the Facebook Page for some events I’ve got coming up from this week in Waterford and Dungarvan, New classes, courses and workshops, are happening from this week and I’ll be dipping my toes into some online teaching for your ‘biowifi’ soon!