From recent Yogasonics Course (2020)

Did the course align with your expectations?

Yes. In fact it probably exceeded my expectations. It was more of a holistic experience than I imagined. For me it really intertwined the physical emotional and spiritual. I could definetly feel the energies of each chakra as we were working on each of them and feel I’ve got to know and trust myself more. The course was very deep and insightful. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you 🙂 TB

I just had the most beautiful yoga practice. I felt so strong and stable in my base and a lot of loving energy for my body. A powerful release of energy. Very grateful for you and your practice! AM



Thank you for the beautiful sincere space you provide every time for our group. 

Please know that your efforts and time are really appreciated. 

You are amazing and l know you are only human and l do hope you are benefiting from us also ,sharing your knowledge is a gift and they say it’s not in use if it is not shared.

I look forward already to my next class

I feel a sigh of relief, that l am finally embracing a new frequency .

You make the journey so wholesome .

The collective energy is amazingly powerful. It is so unique that even just for a small group how it can accelerate the energy, synchronising and harmonising effortlessly its just so proves we are all working together in one universe..

You created a very beautiful oasis every single week thank you for awakening all that is in me .l will deeply miss our group and the powerful positive energy that we all created thanks to your guidance and natural down to earth being that you are .simply inspirational. 

I am so grateful that l was part of your group unique special and so empowering. 


I really enjoyed the course, it helped me recognise some things I needed to address and deal with. The course gave me an important insight into myself. I have become much more aware of myself and notice myself in situations. 

Very warm, welcoming and lots of fun and laughs along the way

Karla really looked after every one of us. 


I think for me it was less about what I learned and more about what I unlearned. The awareness that developed with the help of the course gave me a better insight into my minds activity and into mind patterns which were no longer useful to me or were actually making my own reality worse off. 

My overall impression of the course is that is was very well thought out and offered many aspects for development. That is, meditation, yoga pose practise, yoga with music and group discussion. It was a very enjoyable course, it offered a great insight into the chakras and energy flow and it certainly assisted with my own development.