I’ve integrated the breathe with the beat medicine into all of my yoga classes and courses, as its such a powerfully profound and yet light way to stay connected to our breath when we move. I’ve also developed a 7 week course based on the energy centres of the body as WiFi – The House of Yoga logo.

I’ve adapted the House of Yoga practice for festivals or team building as a live event, working with DJ’s & Producers such as Get Down Edits to create an exciting live event which includes all ages, shapes and sizes. No yoga mats or special gear is needed, participants can just rock up with their own ‘house’ as it is for a gentle, all over body ‘retunification’ which takes place standing up so even the mud doesn’t matter! Again I use the symbol of the House of Yoga as a guide and metaphor of our own internal attunement. In the festival practice we move from base to crown via these 7 energy centres through the breathe with the beat medicine and movements targeted in each of the energy centre points. There is a magic in the conscious co-creation and celebration of body, breath and beat which generates an incredible energy as we all tune into our own ‘house’ as the bigger ‘House’ of the tent or stage increases in volume and spirit with the breath and beats.