Yoga for Energy

7 week cycle in tune with the 7 energy centres.

Starting with the base on the first week, the red chakra associated with the element of earth, the sense of smell and our ‘ground’
We will also work into the foundations of our ‘house’ in our legs, the organs and glands associated with this energy centre on a physical level in terms of our movements, and also in the class via our breath, attention, and intention.

Each class builds on the week before and over the seven weeks, as we explore and ground our intention and attention into the rainbow of energy centres of the body. Each class is a full practice and stands alone in itself.

Classes are available for drop in at 10 euro per class, but you can get the 7 week course for 60 euro if you sign up for the 7 weeks !
here via PayPal ( 8181386)

The classes will be focused in the movements of the physical body (and so will be strong and dynamic sessions) but with a philosophy and focus based on the chakra system.