My name is Karla Kelly ( MPhil E-RYT 500) I am a yoga teacher (10 years), studio owner and founder (House of Yoga Waterford)  a music lover, DJ and the founder of The House of Yoga Breathe with the Beat Method to which this website is dedicated.  I’ve trained in many modalities (ie massage, sound therapy, energy healing, breathwork)  and have been committed Buddhist for the past 17 years. Since 1998 I’ve been an eager student and explorer of the subtle realms especially the 7 main energy centres – the Chakras. My journey has always been to find a deeper sense of embodiment within this rainbow framework. This Method’s logo is a depiction of these 7 centres in relation to wifi (and the House of Yoga Waterford Studio was the original logo for this method – a body in a House with the rainbow colours of the chakras ) – our subtle frequencies represented as a signal/consciousness we emit.. and receive..

I have trained for many, many years with Veronica Larsson who I believe is a guiding light in the field of yoga and consciousness in the body and especially via the Chakra energies. I’ve recently joined the Pocket Project and am hugely inspired by this work and that of my teacher in this journey, Thomas Hubl.









Since 2008 I have practiced evolved, created this method of syncronising yoga asana and pranayama, & rhythmic house beats and named the method The House of Yoga. Through this simple but profound marriage between the rhythm of music and the rhythm of our breath as we move into our yoga practice, I have found it is one of the easiest and fun ways to celebrate, experience and know the conscious co-creation of unity in community. Not only this, but in a personal practice (in our own ‘house’) it refines and ‘upgrades’ our pranayama intelligence and synchronises mind, body, heart and spirit in a fun and light, but also deeply profound way.  I am excited for the evolution of this method as my own practice is constantly offering me new insights and a deeper intelligence in my body and mind. Simply put, the ‘house’ of our individual self connects, attunes with its inner balance through merging breath with even beats and movements, or asana. In a group setting the collective House is a group of individuals all in rhythm with the same beat, movement, and breath. As I connect with to my house, I also connect with the collective House. (through the unifying rhythm of House Music). So, The House of Yoga is what happens when many people together are practising breathingwiththebeat.

Breathe with the Beat

The House of Yoga is a method and effectively a technology of organising the body in relation to the breath, the beat and movement of the body. It is the fundamental and omnipotent beat of the music soundtrack that enables the body, breath and mind to co-ordinate, and connect in equal and balanced movements. The beat the mixes I use is a constant heartbeat of house or disco, so that we can begin to surrender our inner house to the outer House environment and everpresent balanced pulse of the beat.  In the festival experience you are invited to come as you are in your ‘house’ (no mats or special gear needed and you can leave your shoes on) and we regulate all parts of the body through a simple standing practice, bringing rhythm, breath and movement into all parts of the ‘house’ individually and collectively in unity.


The Music

The music I work with is deep house, with a flavour of disco! Check out my favourite House of Yoga Mix here on Soundcloud!

Soundcloud Link