Yogasonics 8 Week Programme


An 8 part Yoga Course synchronising asana, music, rhythm and our energy as a kind of ‘wifi’

The core of Yogasonics is Breathe with the Beat, a method I have taught and practiced for over 10 years. The essence of this is synching breaths and movements to the rhythm of drum beats. I work with traditional yoga asanas and with the system of consciousness offered by the 7 main chakras.

I have mapped the bodymindheartspirit system onto a computer, so that like our phones/laptops/computuers we can experience ourselves as a unique biocomputer.

Each chakra relates to a part of a computer and to different expressions of our consciousness.

The classes include traditional Hatha postures and practices, a strong vinyasa element (that of moving in rhythm with the breath and with the beat! ) and a mindful  attention to the colours, senses and elements associated with each energy centre. The rhythmic, trance like focus of breathing with the beat allows a deepening of the experience as we ‘sync’ to the music and experience, so that more subconscious parts of our brain can come online. Uprooting outdated programmes of movement, feeling and being are essential, so space is made for lighter, more upgraded and conscious habits.

The most precious commodity in the world now is not oil, it’s data or information.Just like a computer we are processing lots of information all of the time. Many of our ‘programmes’ and hardware/software can be upgraded or recycled or deleted. In our body, we are responsible for the ‘attention’ we direct and on what information we direct it to.

In this age of information, attuning our ’attention’ , or inner ‘wifi’ is a necessary skill.

How we process information and take in new information depends on our level of power, our ‘hard drive’ and the ‘apps’ and ‘programs’ we ‘install’ and use.

The health of our biocomputer depends on how we manage inner/outer information.  Mental, emotional, spiritual and physical information. Inner information and constant data incoming from outside.

In the Irish language, the word for breath is the same word for spirt or soul – anam. Through organising our breath and body/heart/mind attention into each part of the body we invite the spirit of full attention into each cell, each moment.

In the house of your body there are many frequencies. You are an instrument in the orchestra of humanity. There are frequencies of light, and frequencies of dark, and a rainbow of shades in between.

Over 8 weeks from base to crown, we download, harmonise and attune each part of our chakra system in relation to the breath, the beat and the energy (physical, mental emotional & spiritual) associated with each chakra.

‘Energy is the interface between the mind and the physical body. Like the electricity that connects your software to your hardware, energy connects your mind to your body. The programming of the mind, largely unconscious, tells the energy where to go and where not to go in the body. It tells us whether to stand up straight and smile, or round our shoulders to protect our heart. It tells us we are safe or loved, or that we are not good enough or in danger. Some of these programs serve us well, others create blockages.

The chakras are organizational centers that receive, assimilate, store, and transmit life force energy, at each of their respective levels: earth, water, fire, air, sound, light, and thought.  Together the seven chakras provide a profound formula for wholeness, one that bridges mind, body, and spirit.

Think of the chakras as describing the architecture of the human soul. Just as we study the architecture of the physical body, with its bones, muscles, and organs, the architecture of the soul reveals the inner psychology of how we respond to life.’ Anodea Judith

Starting with the base energies on the first week, we work with our foundations (the PLUG)  in our legs, the organs and glands associated with this energy centre on a physical level in terms of our movements, but also in the class via our breath, attention, and intention.  There is a ‘plug’ in the bones of our feet and in our seat and tailbone when we’re sitting. As we plug into the earth we ‘charge’ up our system.

Each class builds on the week before and over the seven weeks, as we explore and ground our intention and attention into the rainbow of energy centres of the body.

I’ve been a student of the chakras for over 20 years, before my training as a yoga teacher, and I believe the wisdom and knowledge inherent in this rainbow map of consciousness to be some of the most effective and useful in living a life of full colour!

The wifi logo of my House of Yoga practice is based on the chakras – and the House of Yoga Waterford logo is also based on how these energy frequencies and technologies run through our whole ‘house’ system. There is both an internal tuner and an external tuning occurring. We know that we vibrate to what we are resonant with. On a simple level of vibrational attunement, I naturally ‘attune’ to joyful frequencies on a day i’m joyful, just as I attune to irritation situations on days i’m irritated! The huge landscape of teachings, wisdom and knowledge associated with the chakras is not something we grasp in one class, rather an experiential tool for understanding and attuning to how our own bodymindheartconsciousness lives, breathes, and acts in the world. It is also a hugely insightful way of understanding our families, communities and societal movements and groups.

As we travel up the rainbow, each class and practice building on the one before, we experience a deepening connection to the energies, emotions and feelings associated with each part of the bodymindheartconsciousness.

I have delivered this course in House of Yoga Waterford & in Yoga Loft Dublin 8 times in 2018/2019(under the name of Yoga for Energy and one more immersive You are a Living Biocomputer Course)

Yogasonics is the ‘upgraded’ programme after several months of practising, writing and research.


I feel a sigh of relief, that l am finally embracing a new frequency .

You make the journey so wholesome .

The collective energy is amazingly powerful. It is so unique that even just for a small group how it can accelerate the energy, synchronising and harmonising effortlessly its just so proves we are all working together in one universe..

You created a very beautiful oasis every single week thank you for awakening all that is in me .l will deeply miss our group and the powerful positive energy that we all created thanks to your guidance and natural down to earth being that you are .simply inspirational. 

I am so grateful that l was part of your group unique special and so empowering. 


My overall impression of the course is that is was very well thought out and offered many aspects for development. That is, meditation, yoga pose practise, yoga with music and group discussion. It was a very enjoyable course, it offered a great insight into the chakras and energy flow and it certainly assisted with my own development. 


I enrolled for the yogasonics course as I felt I needed a physical and emotional overhaul after 3 unsuccessful years of trying to get pregnant in my 40s. (You name it, I’d tried it!) The first few weeks Karla led us through yoga movement to release tensions in the body and clear the corresponding chakras. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the class. After one of the classes I had a cathartic cry into my dinner, but the next day I felt amazing. Towards the end of the course I discovered I was pregnant!’

Emma Blake, 44