Release & Retune Restorative Yoga

25/11/2018 @ House of Yoga Waterford

This practice brings the energy medicine of the Chakras together with music and the deep relaxation and body meditation of Restorative Yoga.
Visualisation and an aligned sequence of restorative poses refines our attention, restores our nervous system and soothes our senses. Healing music and soothing sound vibrations allow our most dominant senses of sound and sight to retune and reset our focus .

In a world that is so focused on ‘doing’ and ‘achieving’, Restorative Yoga is a natural and opposite balancing force to this we are simply just being, breathing, receiving space to listen deeper within, and tuning into the vast ocean of peaceful stillness that is available to us when we take time to listen.

Restorative Yoga is described as the ‘Yoga of undoing” & “Active Relaxation” A powerful internal practice, moving from outer awareness – things you normally focus on) to a deep internal awareness. It is very tranquil, using blankets, bolsters blocks and cushions to encourage your body to let go and relax deeply. As there is no muscular activity, the body is supported & held into position.
It helps soothe your nervous system, calm your mind, release body tension, relax your organs, improve the quality of your breath, replenish energy levels, balance chakra’s and allow your body, mind to deeply rest.
This practice stimulates the para-sympathtic nervous system – often called our “Rest & Digest” system to balance a busy life.
Restorative Yoga combines meditation & relaxation, it quiets the mind, making it more reflective, as meditation does, but doing so while the body relaxes deeply, so reflection and insight becomes embodied.
As part of the workshop we move our attention, awareness and body through the 7 energy centres of the body- the chakras, beginning with the base chakra and ending at the crown.
Part of the workshop includes sound, using tones and music to resonate and vibrate through the scale of the body and energy points of the chakras.
Anyone can practice Restorative Yoga, regardless of age, shape or physical condition, even those with no Yoga experience. The poses are designed to be comfortable. For those who are very busy this is the perfect practice to settle mind, body and nervous system so that deep relaxation can take place.

20 euro prebooking

25 euro drop in (pending space)